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This year after so many other numerous new year resolutions of losing weight I am actually making a true leap to really get there. I have always been over weight. The last time I was any where near the weight I was supposed to be was 3rd grade. In my sophomore year of High School I weighed 232 lbs. In 2004 I weighed 287 lbs. Now I weigh 324 lbs. At my most I was 338 lbs.

I am going to use this blog as a way for me to track my ups and downs and find out what really works for me. I am not trying anyone type of diet, but rather searching through them all and pulling what I can use to stay healthy for the rest of my life. This isn't going to be a get thin in 6 month trip...the things I do have to last in the long-term or I will end up quitting and ending up right back where I started or worse off.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily - January 7, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today was my 26th birthday...almost over the hill soon. I would like to thank Em, Jen, Jaz, Ron, Derek, Rhea, Mike & Nick for taking the time out of their schedules to plan a great gathering for my birthday...even though they had me eating some not so healthy food, but it sure did taste great. Thanks folks. Love you all.

Even with the addition of surprise food (on my plate - 4 pieces beef broccoli with 2 pieces beef, a fork of chow mien noodle with a pieces of shrimp, 3 gau gee, one thin slice of lemon bundt cake). I think I did really well today. I made sure that I ate only until I was full. I remember a time where I could have eaten 4 or 5 times what I ate and still think I was hungry. It is a sad but true fact. I stuck to my changes and ate, chatted, and had a great time with some great friends. I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of anything. It was a great relief to know that even with all the wonderful food sitting in front of me that I held strong.

Added benefit of my exercises today was my new pedometer that my fabulous group bought me for my birthday as well as some other practical and greatly appreciated gifts. Took me and my sis a few minutes to set it and off we went on our daily walk.

Today I chose to walk the same path I have been, since I had been wondering how far I was walking and wanted to know but I am not so swift with measuring distances. I was going to do it the hard way and pick up address of places at the ends of the street and put then in google map to find the distances and then add them. Thank goodness for the pedometer - they saved me the brain power...phewwww - that was close. :)

Surprisingly I have been walking roughly 1.875 miles on my daily walks. Today my muscles aren't so sore...maybe my body is getting adjusted. We walked farther than normal today because of our quicker pace. Today me and my sister walked 2.086 miles. I think I have probably walked that far before but never had a way to measure it. As I realized the distance I really thought about it because I have always thought that I it took me an hour just to walk a mile but it turns out I can walk two in an hour. I am proud of myself for sticking to it this week and even when I am tired and just want to cuddle in bed with my nook to read a good book...I put on my shoes, big t-shirt, walking pants, grab the iPod, and, watch and head on out. I can do this and I am just now realizing it. Took me long enough.

Food Rating is 7 out of 10
Exercise Rating is 6 out of 10

Thoughts Running Through My Head:
I worry about tomorrow when we weigh in...did I lose weight...did I gain weight...and by how much. I tell myself that is shouldn't matter because I know that I have been some great changes to my life style that benefit me, but I know I'm lying to myself. I will be sad if I gain, but I think that I have done a great job. If I have by some chance put on weight then it is a great relief that I have recorded what I have done so I can change it up. Even if I lost there will be some changes made for next week.

Almost one week done only 51 more weeks in this journey then on to the rest of my life. Best of luck to any and all of you starting your very own journey.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often


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