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This year after so many other numerous new year resolutions of losing weight I am actually making a true leap to really get there. I have always been over weight. The last time I was any where near the weight I was supposed to be was 3rd grade. In my sophomore year of High School I weighed 232 lbs. In 2004 I weighed 287 lbs. Now I weigh 324 lbs. At my most I was 338 lbs.

I am going to use this blog as a way for me to track my ups and downs and find out what really works for me. I am not trying anyone type of diet, but rather searching through them all and pulling what I can use to stay healthy for the rest of my life. This isn't going to be a get thin in 6 month trip...the things I do have to last in the long-term or I will end up quitting and ending up right back where I started or worse off.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily - January 16 - 18, 2011

Hey Hey,

I am a bit behind and that is due to in part to my mind frame. I have been thoroughly out of it. Not to say I gave up cause I am doing my best to keep pushing through it.

January 16 - 17: At this point it is a daze. Like I was high and can't remember nothing from those two days. Although I do know that I read a lot of books. Ahhhhhaaaaa...a clear sign of when crap ain't going right in my life is when I do nothing but stay in my house and read. I read a lot, but I should have noticed the desperation in the a alcoholic wanting their next drink. Not a good sign.

Monday, January 17, 2011
Left the heard me right I got up out of bed put on my leaving the house clothes which includes a bra cause I ain't leaving the house with out one...don't laugh a bra is a neccesity with breast as big as mine. Went and bought more "healthy" food which basically ran me broke. Huh...the cost difference is daunting some times. :( I feel like I can get fast food for cheaper, but then the health benefits out way the cost...don't they?

January 18, 2011:
Today I am feeling a lot better and moving forward again. I ate healthy stuff all today. I didn't worry myself with what exercises I needed to do when I got home. I am discovering that I have to get adjusted to this a little at a time. Or else I am going to fall into the not giving a shit about it path and that leads to eating what I want and disappearing into my books for the better part of a day.

I am not rating myself today. I will get back to it when I don't feel like I am setting myself up by judging what I am doing. If that makes any sense to you. I get it though.

Hope all of you are sticking to any changes you have recently made to your own lives. Until later on...have a good one.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


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