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This year after so many other numerous new year resolutions of losing weight I am actually making a true leap to really get there. I have always been over weight. The last time I was any where near the weight I was supposed to be was 3rd grade. In my sophomore year of High School I weighed 232 lbs. In 2004 I weighed 287 lbs. Now I weigh 324 lbs. At my most I was 338 lbs.

I am going to use this blog as a way for me to track my ups and downs and find out what really works for me. I am not trying anyone type of diet, but rather searching through them all and pulling what I can use to stay healthy for the rest of my life. This isn't going to be a get thin in 6 month trip...the things I do have to last in the long-term or I will end up quitting and ending up right back where I started or worse off.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 4 done on to Week 5

Hey Hey,

This weeks weight is from Friday, January 28, 2011 instead of Saturday, January 27, 2011 due to some traveling and not wanting to pack my scale in my suit case. I thought about it, but I didn't want it to push the weight of my bag over carry on status and I didn't want to pay to check it.

Chals didn't weigh in on Friday and as my sister tells it she didn't stop by or call on Saturday.
So the following information is Mine, Chals (non-existent info), & Hedz:

Beginning of Week 4 309 277.2 214.9
Goal for Week 4 -4 2
Actual for Week 4 -5.2 1.1
Ending for Week 4 303.8 216

Week 4 Reflections:

This week I am glad that I am back on the road to getting healthy. Won't lie somedays seem easier than others like anything else in life. I am still contemplating ways to make a change and what else might work for me in the long run. More things to think about...yay? No I like to think it just can get so crowded in my head that I wanna claw my brains out to shut the voices up.

Keep looking forward and taking small steps...slow and steady wins the race.


The others may or may not add there two sense, but I wanted to notate mine for the future. I am hoping I won't need it, but you never know.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily - january 30, 2011


Sunday was kinda a repeat of Saturday. Made some delicious yet unhealthy meal choices. Again with the great when I was eating and the not so great later. I don't think that had I been in a restaurant that I could have went to another day and ate at it again I would have needed to eat that many unhealthy items, but I might not get back to the the big island for like another 2 years, so I went a little over board on this one.

They say the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Hi, My name is Hillary and I have a real problem with eating and exercising. I am working on it, but it is definitely a process with many missteps along the way.

Rating for eating is 2 out of 10. Rating for exercise is 0 out of 10 as well. Got to get my as working on my journey again. Tomorrows another day. Had a few trips and stumbles, but I am gonna dust myself off and get back in the game.

Quote of the Day: Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. - Christopher Robin ( A.A. Milne)

Eyes Forward,


Daily - January 29, 2011

Hello World,

Today was a disastrous. Still at a conference away from home and wholly unprepared for all it takes to stay on the changes that I have made when I am away from my comfort zone of the familiar. Yeah, I could have ate the salad or even a smaller portion of the humongous burger with all the fix'n's on it, but I didn't. I loved the taste and missed it. However after eating this meal I was definitely feeling it in the tummy, esophagus, and in my conscious. I regret eating it after the fact, but I have moved on from that meal. Just like I realized yesterday this is truly a learning experience in and of itself. Eating rating is at 3 out of 10 - cause I didn't eat like crap all day just the ending.

Had the plan in my head for the exercise, but my lazy ass ain't jumped on it yet. In all honesty I probably won't get to it until I get home and work it in my schedule. Rating remains at 0 out of 10.

Quote of the Day: Procrastination's is attitude's natural assassin. There's nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task. - William James

Wishing you nothing but the very best...


Friday, January 28, 2011

Daily - January 28,2011

Hello Hello,

Today I am at a conference for work and school. I didn't expect that I would have such a rough time with the eating but I did. I did plan ahead for the fact that I would have immediate access to sources of healthy food...sad truth is that is no one's fault, but my own. I should of foreseen the obtacles that I would face.

Over all even with the 4 small slices of pizza I don't feel that I did horrible today, but I am almost 95% sure that it could have been better if I had pre-planned for this conference. This is the first time that I have been away from my home and in an area where I don't have immediate transportation and know my way around. Adjustments need to be made and I think that now that I know I can better anticipate my needs in the future.

A big thanks to my friends here with me who understood when I wasn't feeling well and when I was starting to feel the lack of energy and encouraging me to eat even though they and I agree that pizza isn't healthy, but that was the option and I did need to eat. A big thanks for have my back and helping me hold myself together. Rating on Eating is a 5 out of 10.

Exercise is on it's way tomorrow...look out for it cause I know that I sure will be. Don't expect a miracle or any thing epic this is going to start off slow and steady as not to loss motivation or wear myself out and give up. Rating still...0 out of 10.

On a side note I was going to bring my scale with me on this trip, but didn't want to way my luggage down and have to check it. So I weighed myself this morning when I woke up. I will be posting that tomorrow as usual after getting my sisters and chals info. It will probably late in the day or even the next all depending on what we are doing tomorrow.

Keep your goal in vision and see your self there.

Quote of the Day: People who want to move mountains must start by carrying away small stones. - No Author

Best Wishes to you and yours,


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily - January 27, 2011

Hello Hello,

Another great day of eating healthy and moving forward with fresh outlook. I did real well today and have some thought in my head for the upcoming days. Rating on Eating is 6 out of 10.

I am about to head out on a conference with my fellow team members from school. So I have decided that...though I won't be bringing my scale with me that I am going to weigh in tomorrow rather than weighing in on Monday morning. I was a little freaked about the not being able to weigh in on time, but I have made a choice and will stick by it.

Exercise - 0 out of 10 - is in the works as I will be spending some time on the web reading up and making a plan that I can follow without becoming some psycho crazy gobble food monster cause I frustrate myself.

Quote of the Day: People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Look for the light within...


Daily - January 26, 2011


Eating today has gone smoothly. Ate at the right times and felt better because of it. I wasn't nausea's from the vitamins anymore...thank goodness for that. All the nausea was pushing me towards not taking them any longer. Eating Rating is 6 out of 10

Not only did I eat healthy food, but I feel better I am getting back on track and moving forward a little lighter in spirit, emotion, and mentally. What a difference a day makes.

Exercise is still in progress and will hopefully be coming soon 0 out of 10.

On another note I have been listening to a podcast that I downloaded from itunes around the first of the year. I love it. They tell you great stuff, really know what they are talking about, and make me wanna learn more on my own. The podcast is titled "Cut the Fat Weight Loss Podcast." You can download it on itunes.

Quote of the Day: Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind. - Seneca

Hope everyone is moving slowly, but surly toward their very own goals and journey's.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily - January 25, 2011

Hey Hey,

Eating today went well compared to the other few days. The vitamins are still making me hellaciously nausea's, but I think that my body will overcome that in the long run. I have never took vitamins such as the one that I bought. I mean I have taken...One a Day: Women. Those made me nausea's for the first day, but then I felt fine. I am hoping the ones I am taking from GNC will balance out in my system soon.

I ate healthy food, but my intervals don't jive because I really should eat before I go to my class so that when I get back I don't have the stirrings of a headache coming on and feel like I want to gobble up everything in sight. My Rating for Eating is 6 out of 10 and though I ate healthy; the rating isn't higher because of the intervals of when I chose to eat.

Exercise rating is 0 out of 10. Still gotta get that plan going. Aggravating as exercise can sometimes be I know that it is a necessary activity for getting and maintaining health.

Quote of the Day: No horse gets anywhere until he is harnessed. No Stream or gas drives anything until it is confined. No Niagara is ever turned into light and power until it is tunneled. No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, disciplined. - Harry Emerson Fosdick

Wishing the best for you and yours,


Daily - January 24, 2011

Hey Hey,

Eating wasn't so bad today for the most part I ate relatively healthy foods...I did eat some rather unhealthy foods towards that end of the day. :(

I need to pre-plan things better. I think that is one of the harder things I am trying to do. If I don't have a plan then things go awry pretty often. Eating is a 4 out of 10 because of the unhealthy food that I consumed towards the end of the day.

Exercise rating is 0 out of 10. I need to really work on planning for not only my exercise but for my eating. Must work, work, work on these for the upcoming week.

Quote of the Day: Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. - Calvin Coolidge

Have a great week.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Daily - January 23, 2011

Hey Hey,

Again with the not so great food. It seems to me that I can't control what I eat when at home. It is that I can essentially hope in the car and eat what I want. I must conquer this unhealthy habit. It is like an addiction that I am trying, but epically failing to break. I didn't eat a huge amount of not healthy food, but that fact that I am craving fatty ass, not healthy at all, & smelling and tasting like "sin", like a crack addict craves crack is not joke. I will work on this for the rest of the week and focus on getting better at the things that need improving. Rating for Eating is 3 out of 10.

Exercise is not happening in my world right now, but I am going to keep as need for next week. Still 0 out of 10. No place to go but up from hear cause I ain't gonna start giving myself negative

Oh on a side note I bought some vitamins from GNC. The pills are huge and there are a total of 8 of them. Today was the first day I took them and I was hellaciously nausea for most of the morning. Hopefully this goes away quick.

Oh look it's another side note... Procrastination is thy me again still don't have a plan of attack for this week. I'm gonna work on it for next and hope it gets done. >:(

Quote of the Day: Maintaining a complicated life is a great way to avoid changing it. - Elaine St. James

Best to you & yours,


Daily - January 22, 2011

Hey Hey,

WTF! So hard today...rough time of it all day. I ate non-healthty stuff in not healthy proportions. Hhhhhuuuuhhhh...I am not letting this mess of a day deter me. Rating for food is 3 out of 10 because of the unproportioned amounts and the over indulgence in unhealthy food that I consumed with a vengence for not having it. I better get the naughty food monster in control...before she pushes me over the edge and back up in the pounds.

Exercise is still nil, nada, zilch, but I will work on that for the future. Things to look forward to. Rating for exercise is 0 out of 10.

Quote of the Day: Life can only be understood backward. It must be lived forward. - Soren Kierkegaard


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3 done & Week 4 has begun...

Hey Hey,

Information in the following order: HB, Chals, H3dz,

Beginning of Week 3 313 279.1 219.1
Goal for Week 3 -4 -2 -2
Actual for Week 3 -4 -1.9 -4.2
Ending for Week 3 309 277.2 214.9
Beginning of Week 4 309 277.2 214.9
Goal for Week 4 -5 -2 -2

Reflections for week 3:

Hey Hey,

This week had a lot of missteps, but I handled it a lot better and my scale is still irritating me, but I am over that too. I think that I am getting better at not being so hard on myself if I trip up I mean everyone makes mistakes and it took me a lot of year to put on all this weight, so it won't just disappear in 6 months. Slow, but steady is how I am playing this journey for now. Tomorrow may bering many surprises. We shall have to see.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


How ya doooin yall, ‘

So this week was not the best week. I have finals for school coming up and tests at least twice a day at school. I’m finding it hard to find time to squeeze in exercise for the day with all the other things on my plate. I still tried to increase my intake with water but at times. But although finals aren’t done until Feb. 4 and a new phase starts I'm going to still portion my meals correctly. Sooo until next week. Hopefully it's better.




Okay so I did bad again this week. I still haven’t mastered the art of having a well balanced life. Its pretty hard when you have an overly energetic three year old, a 40 hour a week job, and three college courses. But I am determined to do it. Also we're having a biggest loser competition at work with the incentive that each member of the winning team gets 100 dollars. So I cont want to let my team at work down, my fellow weight losers at home down, or myself down. So my mind set for this week is, DETERMINED. I’m hoping to try to eat healthier with fever “trip days”, drink more water, and get more active.

So until next week...keep it movin' & keep on losin'!!!


Daily - January 21, 2011

Hey Hey,

Eating today went fine. Again with the to tired to pack lunch issue. I need to make the afternoon before since as soon as the sun goes down I kinda want to chill and become tired. Eating today was all that difficult. I mentally feel better. I am gonna come up with my plan this weekend...I am not gonna procrastinate...I am not gonna procrastinate...I am not gonna procrastinate...I am not gonna procrastinate...I am not gonna procrastinate...I am not gonna procrastinate. Maybe if I say it enough I'll actually achieve it. Although that theory is backwards from the secret.

You can by pass this if you aren't interested in What I ate: (B=two eggs, 2 thin strips of bacon, and one slice of whole wheat bread with a little butter. L= Half a plate of Chicken fired noodles with vegetables. D= 1/2 a serving of Soybeans & Grapes (weird I know but it is what I wanted to eat kinda...)

Exercise is still in the works, and I am still not beating myself up about that fact which is a great change for me.

I'd rate my eating at 6 out of 10 because I was full at the 30% of the half of those fried noodles but still ate them. Gotta get a grip on that quitting when I am full even when the food tastes sooo gooood! Exercise is rated at at 0 out of 10 cause I am still working on coming up with a plan.

Quote of the Day: It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. ~W. Edwards Deming

It brings a smile to my face and warmth to my soul that people are truly cheering my journey on...A big THANK YOU to all those who sincerely wish me the best.

And it may seem like it is all in my head but I have had and still have these friends (sad but true) who smile to my face then behind my back hope I fail or don't change because if they can't then no one should...I have a smile for them too...cause regardless of your negative wishes...I am gonna keep pushing not for anyone else, but for myself.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Friday, January 21, 2011

Daily - January 20, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today I didn't pack a lunch or much of a lunch. I was tired and didn't pack it the night before, so the quickest thing is for me to shove fruit and cottage cheese in a plastic back and eat that through the day. So it was grapes (b), pineapple & cottage cheese (s), apple & cottage cheese (lunch), and then I went out to dinner with my cousin, or rather she took me to dinner for my birthday which is sort of a tradition since this is the same thing we did last year of course with us the dinner must be two or so weeks from my actual birthday

My cousin...She is a busy girl, so it is understandable. Peoples got lots of things to do...I understand that better than most people do. So we ate at spaghetti factory at Ward. I ate my salad, one piece of broccoli with mizithira cheese, three pieces of garlic bread with cheese, and 4 or so bites of my chicken marsala. I know it was another night of not so healthy dinner, but I look at it this way...that I am making slight changes and that I didn't finish the whole meal like I probably could have done not three weeks ago.

Exercise still working on making myself get a plan together to get moving on this, but it is still in the works.

I am rating my eating a 5 out of 10, because for 3/4 of the day I did good with eating healthy food. My exercise rating is 0 out of 10...curiouser and curiouser...I am still okay with this.

Quote of the day: A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes. - Hugh Downs

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Daily - January 19, 2011

Hey Hey,

Glad to say that I haven't completely tossed in the towel yet. I did have some missteps though. Hhhuuuhhh...I guess it is...Confession Time. I ate Chinese food for dinner and not healthy Chinese food either where most of it is vegetables. As I am typing I have a grin cause...damn it tasted so good I couldn't stop. :P Ohh...and I ate breaded pork for lunch and then ate lemon chicken & fried rice for dinner. I don't regret it cause I really enjoyed it...I should however in the future not eat so damn much. I felt like I wanted to toss my cookies (or rather my fried rice) after that.

It may seem weird since I logically know that it has only been three weeks that I have been making changes, but it sure as hell seems a lot longer than that. Can't blame the time perception on this get healthy journey since I am feeling the same way about school. Weird :/

Exercise has been pretty non-existent at this time, I am hoping to have the time to sit down and write out some plans perhaps this weekend. Hopefully I won't feel like a procrastinator.

Since I ain't feeling so moody and shifty today. I would rate my eating at a 4 out of 10 since once upon a time I could finish that lemon chicken with fried rice plate and still be feeling like I was hungry. I would rate my exercise at 0 out of 10 since I didn't do any, but I am okay with that...for not that is.

Quote of the day: A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors. - Buddha

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily - January 16 - 18, 2011

Hey Hey,

I am a bit behind and that is due to in part to my mind frame. I have been thoroughly out of it. Not to say I gave up cause I am doing my best to keep pushing through it.

January 16 - 17: At this point it is a daze. Like I was high and can't remember nothing from those two days. Although I do know that I read a lot of books. Ahhhhhaaaaa...a clear sign of when crap ain't going right in my life is when I do nothing but stay in my house and read. I read a lot, but I should have noticed the desperation in the a alcoholic wanting their next drink. Not a good sign.

Monday, January 17, 2011
Left the heard me right I got up out of bed put on my leaving the house clothes which includes a bra cause I ain't leaving the house with out one...don't laugh a bra is a neccesity with breast as big as mine. Went and bought more "healthy" food which basically ran me broke. Huh...the cost difference is daunting some times. :( I feel like I can get fast food for cheaper, but then the health benefits out way the cost...don't they?

January 18, 2011:
Today I am feeling a lot better and moving forward again. I ate healthy stuff all today. I didn't worry myself with what exercises I needed to do when I got home. I am discovering that I have to get adjusted to this a little at a time. Or else I am going to fall into the not giving a shit about it path and that leads to eating what I want and disappearing into my books for the better part of a day.

I am not rating myself today. I will get back to it when I don't feel like I am setting myself up by judging what I am doing. If that makes any sense to you. I get it though.

Hope all of you are sticking to any changes you have recently made to your own lives. Until later on...have a good one.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Daily - January 15, 2011

Hey Hey,

So today is a bunch of weirdness for me. I tripped up a little by putting on 10lbs in a week. I ain't gonna lie and act like everything was rainbows and unicorns in my universe. I'm not mad that I put on weight what is frustrating me is not knowing what cause that kind of weight gain in 1 weeks time. Was it not enough exercise, food intake, water intake, weigh myself wrong the first time, my scale is malfunctioning? I just don't know. I am having some difficulties figuring it out and it is bringing me down some. Today I ate not so healthy food but great proportioning.

Exercise wise I did 25 minutes of cardio Zumba and that was definitely difficult. I find myself more and more irritated with myself and that is making me frustrated which lead to me not giving a hell. I feel it coming on...the dreaded "White Flag". The "white flag" feeling is coming on, but I am going to keep trying. At this point I need a new plan of action. I'm going to be thinking on it. We'll see what I come up with.

No ratings today because at this point it will just aggravate the situation on my feeling. Getting healthy is just as much a emotional, & mind activity as it is a physical one. I need to get my head straight and quick.

Live, Love, Laugh...Often,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 weeks done the 3rd has began

Hey Hey,

So this week brings some weird news in the way of our weight, but we aren't tripp'n (now we aren't tripp'n but for about 10 minutes we were tripp'n real

In order is my info, chals info, and hedz info.

Beginning of Week 2 302.1 273.4 219.1
Goal for Week 2 -5 -3 -2
Actual for Week 2 10.9 5.7 0
Ending for Week 2 313 279.1 219.1
Beginning of Week 3 313 279.1 219.1
Goal for Week 3 -4 -2 -2

Reflections on Week 2

Hey Hey,

Yeah you aren't tripp'n that says that I put on 10.9 lbs in one week. is a mystery. I ain't given up or given in though I am going to keep trying. I don't know how or the why of it but I focusing not on the past but on today and tomorrow. Can't change last week, so I shouldn't freak out on it either. I am going to continue to eat healthy and come up with some other plans as the day rolls by. I got 50 weeks and the rest of my life to get my weight down and get healthy...I can't let one week hold me down. Yepppp...that is my blog pep talk and on the way through this journey I know I am going to need it more than this once, and I am okay with that.

I am keeping my head up and telling the same to my sister and chals. I say the same to you. Some times thing are tough and seem so far out of reach, but one step at a time may take a while, but you'll get there.

Our greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Oliver Goldsmith

Live, Love, Laugh...Often,


How ya doooin yall,

So this week I did a lot better than last week I must say, I increased my intake of water and been portioning my food a lot better. But I am still having a hard time trying to find the time with working out with a hard 5 days of school and taking care of a household is a full time job, but I still just try to walk around the block at least. It is a bit discouraging for gaining more weight. I think its because I haven’t ate as much as I should and kind of cheated on Friday with 2 pieces of pizza and some breadsticks, if you did not know I am addict to carbohydrates I am a freak when it comes to it. I looooove carbs. I am not going to let this discourage me I am eating better and getting exercise in as much as I can for 45 minutes at least. So this week I am going to eat more smaller meals healthier meals throughout the days and squeeze in more exercise time still increasing my water. So until next Saturday guys.




So this week was okay. I tried to exercise but was discouraged because I weighed myself at work and had gained a couple pounds. Also, I started school this week so I struggled with balancing school, 40 hours of work, a child, and still making time to exercise. And since I was out almost all day a couple of days this week I had to pack all my meals which for me made it a little difficult to eat healthy. I tried my best although I felt extra tired this week and according to my scale and I am the same weight but as long as the scale doesn’t go up I’m happy. So I’m going to try better next week and hopefully go down. So until next week.



Daily - January 14, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today I ate mostly fruit, salad, and some soup. I did not find myself hungry a lot, but I don't think that was great for me since towards the end I was thinking about all the things I want to eat. What to do...some people daydream and fantasize about guys, girls, shopping, & other fantastical things and what do I do? Daydream and fantasize about food I wanna eat. That's a fat girl for you. : P

Exercise today was non-existent other than my normal moving around and stuff. I really have to come up with a plan and haven't been s great at it so far. It's is a struggle, but what in life isn't.

Rating on Eating 6 out of 10 (I wasn't very balanced)
Rating on Exercise 1 out of 10 (Cause I didn't just lay around all day)

Quote of the day:
The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable. - Seneca

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily - January 13, 2011

Hey Hey,

Eating went well today. I packed enough food to last me and I ate at the intervals that allowed me to function through the day with out becoming extremely hungry or giving myself a headache.

Exercising didn't go so well. I have seemed to be out of it today and didn't do as much as I know I should have. I completed about 18 minutes of Zumba Cardio Party until my shoes were slipping (for some reason I had water on my tile floor which made me hesitant to really move around cause I was afraid to slip). Are you wondering why I didn't try to dry the floor. I sure did but I think that my shoes had the water on it and at that point I was throughly over it. I even took off my shoes, but it was wholly uncomfortable to be jumping around in my bare feet. That was the end of my exercise today other than my walking which I took over 6000 steps not including the exercise.

Pause from writing as I try to figure out what the hell is wrong with me and go do some more exercise.

Okay so I did like 7 minutes of Biggest Loser work out and then got more angry and decided that I needed to go for a walk. So I walk 1.4 miles around my neighborhood. I have to really think this whole exercise thing through before I end up sabotage myself with my anger and disappointment. I am going to work on it.

Rating for Eating is 7 out of 10
Rating for Exercise is 3 out of 10 - Not because I didn't do enough but because of my reaction to how little I felt like doing.

Quote for today:
It is not work that kills men, it is worry. Work is healthy; you can hardly put more on a man than he can bear. But worry is rust upon the blade. It is not movement that destroys the machinery, but friction. - Henry Ward Beecher

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily - January 12, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today was another day where I didn't eat at the regular intervals. I am committing myself for tomorrow to make sure that I bring enough food with me to last all day since tomorrow is the day that I am away from home until 8pm. Hope I can get up early and prep everything. I have still been eating healthy and portioning my food.

Exercise for today I did the 20-Minute Express Zumba video. I swear to you that I sweat more doing Zumba than with walk away the pounds and just plain walking. I decided to do Zumba because I didn't have a lot of time and needed to do a quick exercise. I am thinking that it is good to mix it up cause I was getting bored with just walking. We shall see.

Rating for Eating is 6 out 10
Rating for Exercise is 5 out 10

Quote for the day:
Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. - William Shakespeare

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Daily - January 11, 2011

Hey Hey,

Sorry this is a day late.

Yesterday, I didn't pack enough food, nor did I eat at the right intervals. I really am still eating the right stuff when I am eating. I just feel more comfortable when I eat at the interval - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack (fruit or salad). When I don't eat the the right times I get a headache and the next time I eat I feel more hungry. I am going to work on that for Thursday.

Exercise for this day was the two mile brisk walk on the walk away the pounds work out video. I am a little worried that I am not doing enough exercise, but at the same time I am proud of myself for doing something everyday.

Rating for Food is 6 out of 10
Rating for Exercise is 5 out of 10

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily - January 10, 2011

Hey Hey,

Back to school, work, and home life (which for me can be time consuming). My eating today hasn't been so great. Not in the things that I am eating, but in the fact that I must remember to pack my food and eat them at the correct intervals. I bought this garlic herb chicken breast from Target and I have to say it isn't as appetizing as a mcchicken, but the gh-chicken sure is healthier than the mcchicken.

Exercising will be different for the future since on MW I watch my nephew and TR I have work, class, work, traveling, class, traveling, & then I get home about 8pm. I'm and determined to make it work though. Today I watched my nephew Mr. Dozie. I attempted to take him with me on my walk, but when we got downstairs it started to drizzle. If I had been by myself I would have went, but I won't take me nephew out in rainy weather just so I can get some exercise.

My alternative was to walk down the stairs of my 9 story apartment building while walking the landing to alternate stairs. Mr. Dozie didn't mind. Once home I still felt like I wanted more exercise and I remember that some 6 or so months ago I picked up a walk away the pounds video from Book Off.

In the DVD went and I started with the get up and get started 1 mile walk. It was surprisingly brisk and I could feel it in my legs and arms. After that I still felt like I could do more and I am not gonna deny it I thought about just doing another one of the get up and get started 1 mile walks, but I metaphorically slapped my self and turned on the 2 mile brisk walk. This one really had me sweating and breathing harder. I don't know if the mileage is correct, but this workout definitely had me feeling the burn.

I pondered the fact that when I walk outside I don't sweat as much and then it dawned on me it is because mostly my legs are moving, but with this workout I had to use my arms, and up my pace and follow along. I think that I will continue to do this work out as well as alternating it with walking out side. I will see how it goes.

Keep up all the hard work on your own personal journey.

Liv, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily - January 9, 2010

Hey Hey,

Today eating was relatively the same as yesterday in that I don't always remember to eat the snacks that help me between meals. We cooked and went shopping for some food for next week. Man why does it cost, so much for healthy food. Makes a girl want a mcdouble at McDonald's rather than spend 77 bucks on food. It is a conspiracy. More on that in a later post. I plan to work on new things that we can eat so that we don't get bored and want to eat not so good things because of said boredom. I know it can happen because it has happened before to me.

We (Me, HC, & CK) walked today. The same route as yesterday. Foe some reason it felt longer to me. Ohhhh...and no more jogging for me - even short distances. I just don't think that my ankle enjoys the impact of 300 lbs. It is bitch'n right now and asking me what the hell I was think'n. I shall save jogging for a later date.

Rating on Eating: 6 out of 10
Rating on Exercise: 6 out of 10

I hope to be more current with my posts in the future. Wishing you all a great start to what will be a awesome week. Keep your spirits up and feet moving forward.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Daily - January 8, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today I felt more hungry than usual. I think it has to do with the fact that when I am at home I don't have my food pre-packed, so I forget to eat my snacks in-between my meals. Overall today I think I have kept with my eating habits that I an trying to set. A professor once told me that it takes 31 days to build a habit and only two to break it. I am going to work on re-enforcing these good habits. Now that I have a slight handle on what works for me. I am going to try to figure out what other things I can implement into my diet.

Exercise was a little different. Me and my sister still walked we just chose another route. So today we walked according to my handy dandy pedometer somewhere around 3.6 miles. It took us about 1 hour and 25-30 minutes, but we did it. I am greatly surprised not to have muscle soreness like I had the first three or four days. Surprised but thankful because man that was a deterrent in that I just didn't want to walk with my legs sore. I did though and that is what counts.

Rating on Eating: 6 out of 10
Rating on Exercise: 6 out of 10

Week 1 End - Week 2 Begin & Reflections

Hey Hey,

One week done and the beginning of the second has begun below are our week one weigh-in's, how much we lose, our goals for week one and our goals for this week.

The first set is mine, second is CK, and the third is HC:

Beginning of Week 1 324.1281.1222.6
Goal for Week 1-4-2-2
Actual for Week 1227.73.5
Ending for Week 1302.1273.4219.1
Beginning of Week 2302.1273.4219.1
Goal for Week 2-5-3-2

My Reflection on Week 1:
I feel really happy that I lost so much. It was a lot of hard work, but I plan to keep doing the best that I can to push myself, and to keep losing weight. More water, more walking, and keep eating the right food and at the right intervals.

CK Reflection on Week 1:

How ya doooin yall,

Overall this week my weight loss journey has been better than I expected. At first I was skeptical in even trying to lose just 2 pounds. I thought that running and strenuous exercise would work but just walking 3 times a day at least seemed to help the best. My eating habits have improved but I still need to work on portion control and my water intake. I was inspired by looking at old clothes I used to fit and by looking at magazines of clothes that I am determined to fit one day. My next goal is to loose 3 pounds, intake much more water, and still keep up with walking for at least 45 mins at least 3 times a week. After this week I feel really good now knowing that I met my goal and is still very determine to meet the next weeks goal.



Reflection from HC to be added at another time. Sorry.

Hope everyone had a great week and are working hard on their individual journey's.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily - January 7, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today was my 26th birthday...almost over the hill soon. I would like to thank Em, Jen, Jaz, Ron, Derek, Rhea, Mike & Nick for taking the time out of their schedules to plan a great gathering for my birthday...even though they had me eating some not so healthy food, but it sure did taste great. Thanks folks. Love you all.

Even with the addition of surprise food (on my plate - 4 pieces beef broccoli with 2 pieces beef, a fork of chow mien noodle with a pieces of shrimp, 3 gau gee, one thin slice of lemon bundt cake). I think I did really well today. I made sure that I ate only until I was full. I remember a time where I could have eaten 4 or 5 times what I ate and still think I was hungry. It is a sad but true fact. I stuck to my changes and ate, chatted, and had a great time with some great friends. I didn't feel like I was depriving myself of anything. It was a great relief to know that even with all the wonderful food sitting in front of me that I held strong.

Added benefit of my exercises today was my new pedometer that my fabulous group bought me for my birthday as well as some other practical and greatly appreciated gifts. Took me and my sis a few minutes to set it and off we went on our daily walk.

Today I chose to walk the same path I have been, since I had been wondering how far I was walking and wanted to know but I am not so swift with measuring distances. I was going to do it the hard way and pick up address of places at the ends of the street and put then in google map to find the distances and then add them. Thank goodness for the pedometer - they saved me the brain power...phewwww - that was close. :)

Surprisingly I have been walking roughly 1.875 miles on my daily walks. Today my muscles aren't so sore...maybe my body is getting adjusted. We walked farther than normal today because of our quicker pace. Today me and my sister walked 2.086 miles. I think I have probably walked that far before but never had a way to measure it. As I realized the distance I really thought about it because I have always thought that I it took me an hour just to walk a mile but it turns out I can walk two in an hour. I am proud of myself for sticking to it this week and even when I am tired and just want to cuddle in bed with my nook to read a good book...I put on my shoes, big t-shirt, walking pants, grab the iPod, and, watch and head on out. I can do this and I am just now realizing it. Took me long enough.

Food Rating is 7 out of 10
Exercise Rating is 6 out of 10

Thoughts Running Through My Head:
I worry about tomorrow when we weigh in...did I lose weight...did I gain weight...and by how much. I tell myself that is shouldn't matter because I know that I have been some great changes to my life style that benefit me, but I know I'm lying to myself. I will be sad if I gain, but I think that I have done a great job. If I have by some chance put on weight then it is a great relief that I have recorded what I have done so I can change it up. Even if I lost there will be some changes made for next week.

Almost one week done only 51 more weeks in this journey then on to the rest of my life. Best of luck to any and all of you starting your very own journey.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often


Daily - January 6, 2010

Hey Hey,

Today my eating followed along the rest of this week and was relatively a huge improvement to what I was doing before this journey. Brought home lunch to work. I am continued to be surprised that I haven't given in and gone to the cafe at school.

Very tempting when people around me are eating but I will not lie - my co-workers food looked good and smelled good and for a split second I wanted it, but it wasn't as overwhelming as I have experienced in the past. I didn't have the cookie monster reaction - where I gobble, gobble, gobble, and then ask where the cookies went. I kept to my plan and stayed true to the change I am trying to make in my life.

As for exercise...I did the same route today and finished a little faster than before just by a few minutes. However my ankle was sore. I noticed a pain when my right foot landed (but not pain when I push off the foot) about half way through the walk and at some points thought about cutting it short, but I didn't. I just kept on walking and finished.

On todays walk my sister came along which could have attributed to my walking faster since she is a faster walker than me - often gets ahead and then stops and walks in place until I catch up and I don't mean to but I think I increased my pace to catch up to her.

I think that I will focus on my pace in the future as I want to walk, but I want to be sure that I don't also hurt my self and cause myself to feel like I am going too hard and then call it quits or feel the need to take a break which leads the lots of back sliding.

Gotta crawl before I can walk, and I gotta walk before I can run - not everyone has too, but I know that this is how I work in certain situations. This journey I am working on finding out what works for me - not the masses - and making that work for my future.

Food Rating 7 out of 10
Exercise Rating 5 out of 10

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily - January 5, 2010

Hey Hey,

So I am current now...huh...I hope to stay this way.

Today I feel like I did great.

Eating went smooth another packed lunch, eggs for breakfast, I ate chili's for dinner, but it comprised of one big mouth burger with 4 french fries and water. Looked up the nutritional values, and not so bad when you don't eat all four and all the fries.

Exercise went same as yesterday. Got out their walked the same route & same time frame. I feel it went a little quicker - not in time but my feeling like the walk was quick - I had taken my nook with me and was walking and reading at the same time. I think I will continue this if it helps.

I would rate my food at 8 out of 10
I would rate my exercise at 5 out of 10

My sister HC has fallen off the wagon these last two day, but I am working to get her back on it. She can do it. I know she can. CK says she is doing okay but needs to improve. More than half the week is down I guess we shall see if we each reach our goal. Even if we don't..failure doesn't cone until you quit and that isn't happening.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily - January 4, 2010

Hey Hey,

Missed yesterday as well...I am working on staying to my commitment.

Eating wise - I packed my lunch and snacks which was great. I didn't go hungry and I spread it out and kept myself hydrated with water.

Exercise wise - I knew from the day before that I didn't wanted and shouldn't be doing stairs so I set out for an hour long walk. I kept my pace steady and just walked around my neighborhood zig zagging through the residential area. I was tired, sweaty, and sore when I was done, but I was proud of myself for going out there and doing it.

I would rate my eating at 7 out of 10
I would rate my exercise at a 5 out of 10

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Daily - January 3, 2011

Hey Hey,

So two days ago as I have fallen slightly behind in posting. My eating wasn't so great as I had been so tired sunday night I didn't pack my lunch. I ended up buying mini bentos from 7-Eleven (lil smokies 5, Eggs 1/4 cup, 1 rice with seaweed musubi) & (1/4 redondo's hot dog, 5 little nuggets of chicken karage, 1 rice with seaweed musubi). Ate that through the day at work.

For dinner I are blazen steaks (steak welldone, one scoop brown rice (didn't eat it), ice burg lettuce with italian dressing.

Drank lots of water.

One really backwards and crazy on my part thing I did is regarding my exercise routine. Previous to Monday I hadn't been doing anything. I had this whacky idea to walk up the stairs in my 9 story building then down two floors and back up one until I got to the bottom. Ohhhhhh....BAD idea. I got to the top of the stairs - legs feel'n like they are about to give out, chest aching, can't breath - going down was bad. I felt like I was going to toss my dinner at the end. My sister still wanted to go walking so I walk around one block then call it quits for the night.

I have to say that it was such a great idea to jump right in like that. I know that I am he build up to it kind of exercise girl. If I go to hard I will just not want to do it any longer and will attempt to throw in the towel.

I would rate my food a 5 out of 10
I would rate my exercise a 3 out of 10

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daily - January 2, 2011

Hey Hey,

Today I think I did okay on eating. I am still working on getting into the swing of things. I have not and doubt that I will cut out things entirely. I don't think I can live my life just eating salads and drinking water. I know that some can live that life, but I don't thing I am one of them.

My reasoning of not cutting things out is that if I can't live with the eating habits for the rest of my life then what is really the point? Cutting things out in the short run may let me lose weight in the short run, but I am not looking for a quick change...I am looking for the long haul here.

As for exercise I haven't done any thing on that matter as of today and yesterday. I hope to go walking in the morning tomorrow...we shall see.

Food Rating is like a 6 (better than before but I know I can improve)
Exercise Rating is a 0 (Cause I haven't done anything yet)

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yearly - January 1, 2011

Hey Hey,

This is the yearly blog and will list our information as of today January 1, 2011

Descriptions HB CK HC
Month 1 January 2011
Wieght 324.1 281.1 222.6
Resting Pulse 84 72 76
Active Pulse 164 163 144
Recovery Time 15 min
BMI 57.41 48.25 43.47
Chest 57.5 49.5 45.5
Waist 55.5 43.5 40.5
Hips 58.25 56.25 49.5
Neck 19 16.25 14
Shoulders 51.25 49 46.5
R. Upper Arm 19 17.5 15.25
R. Fore Arm 12 12 10.5
L. Upper Arm 17.25 18.25 14
L. Fore Arm 11.5 12.25 11
R. Upper Thigh 29 35 29
R. Calf 19.5 21.75 15
L. Upper Thigh 28.5 35.25 3.5
L. Calf 20 21.5 16
Goal For Year 100.00 121.10 72.60
Must Lose About # per Month 8.33 10.09 6.05
Must Lose About # per Week 1.92 2.33 1.40

Above is our information as of January 1, 2011. We will be taking measurements every month and weight every week. Putting my positive thought at these number going down.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often,


The First Day of the Rest of Our Life...

This blog is going to focus on not just my journey, but the journey of my sister, our friend, and our cousin. Most of the posts are going to be from myself reporting on my journey as well as theirs.

In this blog you will find Posts Listed in the following manner:
  • Daily Snippets from me (if the others should give me something to post it will have their name)
  • Weekly Recaps (this will cover a more in depth look at our week, our starting weight, end weight, and the ups and downs of the week for each of us)
  • Monthly Goal and Monthly Recap (Like the Weekly but covering the time frame of a month)
  • Yearly Goal (Will basically only be posted now & at the end of our journey for this year. )
At some point will will put up pics & bio' step at a time. This isn't a diet or even what others should be doing. This blog is going to be a way for us to track what we are doing and for others who may relate to our situations and enjoy being on our journey with us via this blog.

Live, Love, & Laugh...Often